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endorsement by Carolyn Scrips, writer endorsement by Gary Malkin, emmy award winning composer

I am filled with reverence and gratitude for GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE.
It is the most inspiring, elegant, beautiful and audacious gift of genius
I have received, ever!”


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The first 500 copies of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE were sold for $260,
with the second half of the edition selling for $500 per copy. 

Epiphanies Press is delighted to announce that:
Remaining copies of this signed and numbered
Limited Artist’s Edition  are now available at below cost for $108!

Bonus – 20x26” Color Poster of all 44 “Gateways of the Divine”

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“Colette’s magnificent limited edition of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE: An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age is a catalytic portal into the shadow world. During the course of a decade, Colette underwent her own intense initiation and deep process, and through this has emerged a work of art that is both compelling and a powerful transformational tool.”
-  JEFF HUTNER, Writer and Producer, “The Illuminators:  Brilliance in Service to Life”

GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE is a visionary and poetic journey into the realms of darkness and light. ... this book is an anthology of wisdom like no other. A successful marriage of art and literature, Gateways of the Divine helps us penetrate the veils of illusion and navigate our passage inward. The voices of Rumi, Rilke, Kabir, Tagore, and Gibran, to name a few of our fellow travelers, offer comfort and solace on the challenging journey to wholeness.
- Review of Gateways of the Divine at MysticSaint blog

The Vision and
Healing Artistry of Colette

an 11-minute film in which Colette discusses the genesis of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE 
and the unique role that artists play at this stage in our spiritual evolution,  interweaving spoken passages of mystical poetry from the book.
Experience the power and mystery of Colette’s work!

The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette 

from Colette de Gagnier on Vimeo.

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of
Visionary Creative Support from Colette!

Gift Certificates for THE ALCHEMY OF CREATION
Single Session - $80 / Pkg. of 8 Sessions - $500 ($640 value)
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"Colette has been invaluable as a personal spiritual coach. She is
helping to birth a new me and to discover new purpose, new work.
I am uplifted by every interaction with her, and experience
my soul in ways I never have before."

- Pamela L. Clark, Ph.D, Educator

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Visions of Initiation and Transformation

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Published by Epiphanies Press in a Limited Edition of 1000 Copies